Sunday, February 10, 2013

Built-in Wrap Up

Ok, yes this will be my very last post about my new beloved built-ins.  They are finished (with the exception of wall paint touch ups).  My parents came today to install and wire the lights.  Exciting!!!

Some neck crankers.

(We also did some caulking after these pics were taken) 

Here is the cost breakdown:
Two gallons of Behr paint w/primer in Winter Glaze $66
3 lights $75
Wiring $16
Lighting boxes, dimmer switch and box $14
Plywood $116
Wood filler $9
Labor FREE
Grand total:  $296

Oh and here is an example of my mad drafting skills...

I could not be more happy with the outcome.  We used plywood with wood filler and then lots of sanding.  In person, the wood has some roughness to it but that is perfect to me.  If you would not like the texture or wanted to stain the wood, you would want to go with higher grade wood which would cost more.

Have a wonderful Sunday and if you see my Mama tomorrow, please wish her a very happy birthday!!

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