Monday, February 4, 2013

Built-in Bliss

Remember the built-ins I wanted to add??  Well, my parents were here this weekend and we got most of it done.  I designed and drafted up a plan and we went from there.  See photo show below:

Before shot.  I also painted the wood half wall and it totally changes the look of the room!

Measuring and framing out the toe kick.

Carpet cut out.

 Sully providing entertainment.

Installing the toe kick.

Installing the 16" deep base.

Base is in, now working on the top.

The supervisor, supervising.

The painting zone, aka the bowels of our home.

Getting the header in place, where the lights will be installed next weekend.

The trim is in place!


This morning when the paint is all dry.

So we will be adding the lights and doing the wiring next weekend.  If you think I could leave this empty until next weekend, you are crazy.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  It is exactly what I wanted!  There were a lot a decisions to be made about closed vs open storage on the bottom, color of the wall and shelving unit and shelving height and how to deal with the half wall on the right side of the unit.  All of these decisions had to fit into the budget too.  In the end, I love what I have but may add some doors on the bottom eventually.  For now, I love that the bottom is Sully friendly and he has a place for all of his stuff and he can see it.

I have some touching up to do with the walls and I will show you the finished product and give you a rundown on the cost next week.  For now, I have lots of staging (aka moving things around and finding more books for the shelves) to do.

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