Sunday, January 13, 2013

January Plans

So I have this obsession right now.  It is with home libraries.  I want need one.  And even though we have lived in this house for 7 years, I only now realize where the perfect spot for it would be.

It is the wall behind our love seat in our living room.  To the left are the stairs that go down to the unfinished basement.  This is a forgotten area of our home and it shows.

Part of this transformation has stemmed from my utter frustration of overflowing toys and children's books that have run amok in our once very tidy living room, as seen above.  In addition, once I converted the guest bedroom closet into my craft/fabric storage area, I have nowhere to put our board games and extra blankets (you feel sorry for me, I know).

Here is what I am looking at for inspiration:

I like the closed storage and lighting in this one...

I like the built up base in this one...

Loving the ladder in this one...

This project has a tight budget so I will be sharing the price of everything with you.  Lucky for me, I have a retired handyman Dad that I have enlisted for the transformation.  

What is going to be trickier is deciding what color the shelving and background will be.  This is especially tricky due to all the different wood tones we already have going on and the fact that I don't think I want black because of how easily it shows dust.  I know I will figure out something.  I can't wait to show you when it is done!  I won't disappoint!

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