Monday, January 28, 2013


Guess I better start sharing some of these crafty art projects I have been doing.  They are piling up around here.

First up, embroidery hoop art.

Step 1- get embroidery hoops.  I got mine from JoAnn fabrics for about $1.50 each.

Step 2- decide on what fabric or paper you want to use.  I am in a burlap phase right now so burlap it is.

To be honest, I got a bit stuck after this part as the possibilities were endless!

Step 3- decide on your art.

I decided to do something different on each of them since they all had a burlap background that would tie them all together.

 Black felt with pink stitching.

 Black tulle in a spiral pattern.

 White buttons and a brooch.

 Letters and paint.

Step 4- hang them!

Viola!  Easy, fast, cheap and took up some negative wall space in my craft room.

Next up, I needed a piece of art to go on the shelf above the TV.  After I took down the Christmas decor, it was seriously lacking in style and visual clutter (which for me is a bad thing).

Pinterest is full of ideas for "state art".  I decided to make my own with some stuff I already had.

A frame and some left over laminate flooring from the craft room redo.  I measured out how big I needed the flooring and had the hubs jigsaw it to the right size (we almost both got frost bite during this process since we did it at like 9 pm on the coldest day of the year in the garage).  I would just like to add that I am more than capable of jigsawing it myself but the hubs gets all freaked out about me cutting my fingers off so he made me wait for him to do it.

 (Like how I got a pic of the laminate for the art with the actual laminate on the floor- super artistic)

Then I printed out a state of WI from the interwebs, cut it out and taped it to the laminate.

Then I dry brushed some white paint on the laminate.  I included the pic below so in the event that you try this on your own, you don't freak out when it looks awful and you still try to salvage it.  I had to add some water to my brush and really smooth it all out since the paint dried too quickly to do it without adding water.



Take your state off and this is what you will have.

I then painted a little red heart in the area we now call home and then glued the frame on.

Then hung it up and re-accessorized.

I think it would be cool to make one for all the states you have ever lived in and hang them all together.  Too bad I have only lived in one.

Happy crafting!

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