Friday, January 25, 2013

Lets all laugh-cry together...

If you have a really laid back, easy child I am happy for you.  I really am.  I think it is super and I hope they stay that way. 

However, if your child is spirited/high maintenance/sensitive/particular/insertyourownajectivehere, then lets talk, shall we?  Or better yet, lets laugh-cry together. 

My friend Teresa sent me a link to an article that had me in an all out laugh-cry.  She said it reminded her of her oldest daughter and my son.  And I could not agree more.  The article was entitled, "46 Reasons My 3 Year Old Might be Freaking Out."  Go here and read it now. 

Are you back?  Are you laugh-crying yet?  Good.  We parents of these children really need a nice laugh-cry every now and then but mostly, we need to know that we are not alone in this odessy of child-rearing.  That there is an entire legion of these mini-dictators wreaking havoc on the daily lives of so many other sane, loving people.  And for reasons as ridiculous as the inability to lift a pumpkin (an actual freak out that Sully had...maybe that is why he hates pumpkin patches...), the car seat is weird, they don't know how to type, someone looked at them and they can't hold onto the keys while I am driving.

I would also like to add a few more...

We only have Sponge Bob fruit snacks instead of "Widdy" fruit snacks.

He can't get "Widdy" to sit on top of the dinosaur correctly.

I won't let him eat sand paper or dog food.

He wanted to go to Grandma's today, not school.

His parents are always trying to keep him "safe."

He never gets to play with real hammers and screwdrivers. 

I didn't put his beverage of choice in the right cup.

I didn't offer the right beverage in the first place.

He wanted to wear the brown hat.

The wind is making his hands cold but he can't properly shovel or drink his sippy with mittens on.

He wanted to watch a different Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode than the one I selected.

Feel free to add more...

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