Monday, January 14, 2013


We had our second swim lesson tonight...if you could call it that.  I had a long conversation with the Sul about how nice boys listen to their teacher and try the activities that are demonstrated and they do not yell or hit.  He totally agreed with me.  He is no fool, he knows that is what nice, good boys do.  And to be honest, I really think he had intentions of being that nice, good boy (at least that is what I tell myself).

But then we got there 23 minutes too early.  I tried to stretch out the clothes changing but I could only do that so long.  That left us with too much time before the lesson.  It was colder in the pool area today than it was last week.  But he jumped in anyway (this is amazing since he would only go in up to his knees for the first 15 minutes last time).  Then he started going down the whale slide which was the most fun thing he could possibly do.  Everything after that could not compare.

Finally, it was time to start the lesson.  I gently reminded him that we need to listen to the teacher.  It started off really promising.  He was really participating for the first 7 minutes.  But then it was time to go to the deeper area with the swim noodle for some kicking practice.  He seemed to try at first and then he started to come undone.  All of four of the kids in his class started shivering, even their little lower lips were quivering.  Sully did not seem to understand that being in the water would be warmer than being out of the water so every time I tried to dip him in the water, he would scream "NO NO NO" and "STOP IT" right in my face and cling to me like a little spider monkey.  At several points in time, he did a full open hand slap right in my face.  Eventually, I just had to get out of the deep end and walk around in the shallow end which only made both of us shiver more.

I was able redirect him when the water toys were brought out and again when the water rings were introduced but once the novelty of these wore off after about 74 seconds, he was again over it.  Thankfully, the class is only 30 minutes long so I was finally saved by the clock at the end.

The Sullymon is much more comfortable in any setting when he can follow a routine, when he knows what comes next.  I already saw progress in comfort with the water and his willingness to put his face close to the water compared to last week.  We have 4 more weeks.  I am interested to see where he will end up by then.  Baby steps people, baby steps.

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