Sunday, August 11, 2013

Damn you Subway!

I promise you that every post will not focus around this pregnancy but I feel like I have to share this ridiculousness I encountered recently.

Also, I am aware that lunch meat is not recommended for pregnant women due to the nitrates in them.  So please don't feel the need to inform me of this fact.  I got it.

But sometimes you have a craving so strong, you have to give in.

I have been craving a pizza sub from Subway for 2 weeks now.  With American cheese, tomatoes and salt and pepper.  Cold, not toasted or microwaved.

Last Thursday the hubs had his championship softball game and Sul insisted on going.  Fine, but that meant no dinner for me as I had to change and rush out the door to get to the game on time.  After the game, I could barely talk or think, so.freaking.hungry.  I NEEDED a pizza sub.

I dropped the hubs and Sul off at home and drove to one of the Subways in town.  There was a family of 5 getting subs and one lonely worker there to make all the subs (super slow) and ring them up.  As I was waiting for them to get their order, I look at the glass right in front of me.  There was a sign saying:

We are currently out of the following:
Roast beef

Pepper jack


We are currently purging our inventory in anticipation to restock.

REALLY?!?!  Just to be sure, I asked the worker if there was a possibility of getting a pizza sub and he said no.  I composed myself on the outside and walked out but inside, I was a hormonal, murderous rage.  Beyond upset.

As I was driving home, I realized all was not lost!  There was another subway on the other side of town!  I drive there.  It was 8:52 pm, they were supposed to be open until 9.  I get to the door and it is locked.  Two teenage boys are cleaning up and putting things away.  AHHHHHHHH!  Clearly the world is against me or I am in a twilight zone.

Fast forward to Saturday, the craving is still going strong.  This time, I go to the second Subway first, the one with the 2 teenage boys, in case the first one didn't get restocked yet.  It was 3 pm in the afternoon.  I get there and the place is locked and dark.  The hours on the door clearly state Saturday 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.  WTH?

So I drive over to the other Subway and again, the place is closed and dark.  There is a small typed up sign on the door stating that the owner has decided to close their Subways in the town.

I nearly bawled.  How is this possible?  I am STILL dying for a pizza sub!

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