Monday, August 5, 2013

I have a good excuse, I promise!!

My poor, poor blog.  I have been neglecting you pretty bad lately.  An entire month with no post:(

I assure you it is not because I have not been working day and night on creating something wonderful.

Something that has taken all of my energy to grow....

This comes on the heels of a devastating loss in April of this year (which I will share more about soon).  Needless to say we are ecstatic!  Making a human is lots of hard work.  This pregnancy has not been very nice to me so far.  I am far more exhausted and sick with this one than with my Sully pregnancy.  But I am nearing the corner for better days to come...I hope!

Cannot wait to cuddle and snuggle with a newborn this winter!

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Candi said...

Congrats Tara and Clayton! That is wonderful news! Hope you feel better soon!