Sunday, August 25, 2013

Farm Friends

On Saturday we took a trip to Eugster's farm in Stoughton with a cousin, some Aunties and Uncle and Grandma and Dave.  It was pretty adorable...

(Bear with me, it was the first time I picked up my camera in weeks and the lighting was harsh.)

 Gobble gobble.

 That grey goose up there got the hubs good.  As he was leaning over the rail to look at the goose and ducks, the goose poked his head through the fence and "bit" his knee.  AKA he was "goosed."

Bye birds.

 This duck was swimming in a pond with little fish and one giant catfish.  It was gross.

 I mustache you a question.

They have an extensive array of play sets there.

 Basketball head needed help...

 Sully was right on that.

Next up, baby goats and bottles!

I could hardly even stand to watch this, too cute!

 Creepy goat eyes.

 What good helpers we have.

 "Hey Pony!"

Thanks Eugster's, we had a blast!

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