Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Toddler Town 1, Mama 0

Oh Toddler Town has done it again.  Brought me to my knees.  How can one tiny little human make an adult feel so inadequate?  Parenting in Toddler Town is tough most days.

Now, I know that some people out there would give anything to be in my shoes, living in Toddler Town and expecting another bundle on the way.  I know, I have been there.  Which is why I continue to have an internal struggle between posting whiny parenting posts or only posting the positive parenting posts.  But even though I am so grateful for my blessings and sensitive to others who dream of the same fate for themselves, I try to remember that that does not make parenting any easier some days.  It is not all daisys and butterflies everyday.  Parenting a child is tough...and parenting a toddler it tougher.  And today was tough.  So this is a whiny parenting post, you were warned.

Exactly what set off the most recent round of toddler meltdowns is insignificant.  What is significant is the fact that my toddler is contrary to the nth degree.  He is so contrary that even when I get him what he just asked for 3 seconds prior, he suddenly does not want it and is utterly offended by my offering.  So contrary that he screams "NO" in my face two seconds after I tell him that it is not ok to scream in your mother's face while in the grocery store, just to see what I will do about it.

My toddler does not just observe life, he does not just live life, he feels life.  His emotions are so strong, sometimes I wonder if he is the pregnant one with out of control hormones.  He feels all his emotions to the nth degree.  Whether it is joy, anger, fear, happiness, sadness, love...they are all equal and all consuming.  Every cell in his body feels his emotions.  Sometimes I can't help but feel a bit bad for him.  Because he gets that from me.  Come to think of it, he gets most of his undesirable qualities from me, lucky him.  I know what he is in for.  It took years for me to calm my feelings enough so that they did not consume me and eat me from the inside out.  But it can be done.

And of course, like any toddler, he is trying to do everything "by myself" and exert his independence. He is testing his boundries...and pushing my buttons daily.

And sometimes, Mama just snaps.  And when Mama snaps, it is not pretty.  There may or may not be foot stomping and yelling and forced time outs.  There may or may not be banging of dishwasher trays and doors.  There may or may not be cabinet slamming while putting dishes away.  The dog may or may not be scared to leave her kennel.

But boy is it effective.  Some one was an angel the rest of the night.  Don't worry, we made up with me saying, "I love you" and him saying, "Lets be happy.  I am happy now."  And M&Ms.  M&Ms always help.

But we are ok.  We survived another day.  And we will continue to do so.

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Marzena said...

I, for one, don't mind whiny momma:)It's true to life. I don't think that there are nearly enough people that describe how difficult it is to have children. Most days are far from rainbows and sunshine. Most days are hard. But it's those other moments in that day that everyone forgives themselves for how the day turns out that is special. It usually ends with hugs and kisses and love. So let it out, Tara! I love to listen and empathize right along with you.