Monday, September 30, 2013

19+ weeks

They are right, you pop out much sooner with your second+ baby.  I am 1 lb lighter at the point in this pregnancy than I was with Sully, but I look like I did when I was 24-25 weeks with him.  Yikes!

A few more days and I am half way!!

I am contemplating some decisions at this time.  Mostly first world decisions, but decisions nonetheless.

Next week is my 20 week ultrasound.  I am thinking we probably will find out the sex.  I am DYING to know what this babe is!!  But I told my hubs that he can make the final decision as to whether we find out since I basically strong-armed him into finding out the sex the first time.  He keeps saying, "Yeah, we will probably find out," but I wish he would just commit to, "Yes, we will definitely find out."  I am eager to know!

The name decision...don't even get me started on that.  It was some sort of miracle that we were able to decide on Sully's name.  But agreeing on a second name?  Sounds impossible.

Then there is the decision of the color of the nursery.  The room is a celery color now and I HATE it!  I already bought some chevron patterned curtains that are cream and brown (they are neutral and would go with anything).  So now I am trying to decide on the room color.  I LOVE color.  So painting the walls a neutral is probably not going to happen.  I also like saturated colors.

It is gender neutral, too.  Even though we will likely find out the sex, I don't 100% trust that we will have that sex given all of the people I know that were told they were having a girl or a boy and went on to have the opposite.  So I would prefer that the room have a gender neutral base and I can add accessories depending on the gender.

Finally, I have been thinking long and hard about trying for a VBAC or having a repeat c section.  I have made a decision and feel very strongly about it.  Unfortunately, my doc is not really on the same page.  Although he says that ultimately it is my decision and he would support my decision, I know he disagrees with my decision right now.  And I would really like to have his full support on it and I don't feel like I do at this time.  So I guess more thought will go into this decision for now...


Marzena said...

I love that profile picture! You look fabulous!

Raissa said...

That baby belly is gorgeous! You look great! As far as your decisions go, just remember they are yours. I would have loved to do a vbac, but was told I only had less than a ten percent success rate. Luckily I agreed with my doctor because when i went in for my scheduled c they discovered a hole in my uterus which could have caused a lot of complications had I gone into labor and tried for a vbac. That being said I still think many doctors push c sections when they aren't necessary. Whatever decision you make don't let anyone pressure you or scare you or make you feel guilty into changing your mind. It's your decision! And you are this baby's momma regardless of how you choose to give birth! Love the curtains and the colors!