Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fall is coming...

Just as the suffocating, heavy heat and humidity rear its ugly head again this week, I was delivered this little slice of heaven right in my mailbox today.

It is full of beautiful colors and pages dedicated to autumnizing your life and home.

And with this comes the promise of cooler days, crisp nights, apple picking adventures, layers of sweaters and quilts, cider, pumpkin patch freak outs and lots and lots of football watching.

Pumpkin patch freak out preview...

"Mom, no picture!  Stop it!"

I am not sure if you have ventured into Hobby Lobby yet, but it is already fall AND Christmas in there.  I just had to pick up some fall bling...

I apologize for the blurriness, my camera was apparently dazed by the sparkles.  I can't blame it, they are dazzling and the most beautiful "sunflowers" I have ever seen.  Can't wait to use them in this year's fall vignette.  See last year's fall vignette here.  Anyway, I am pretty excited.  Off to scour Pinterest for some ideas.

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