Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Egg Hunt

We took Sully to an Easter Egg hunt last Saturday morning.  It was adorable, as expected:)  Sometimes those things can be horrible in a variety of ways, too crowded or crazy competitive parents.  But this one was great.  It was at Elver Park and in a nice wide open space.  They separated the ages too so as not to have the toddlers and preschoolers hunting with the 8, 9 and 10 year olds.

Here he is.  Waiting surprisingly patiently.

 He was kind of creeped out by the Easter bunny but thought he could at least manage a high five for him (or her, do we know if the Easter bunny is a boy or a girl???).

 Sydney slept through the whole thing.  Little angel;)

And they are off!

I have to give props to the hubs.  He is the only reason that we brought that lovely green basket for his eggs.  Otherwise we would have been using our pockets.  Never even crossed my mind to bring a collection object.

I don't think the kid stopped smiling the whole time.  Therefore, neither did I.

 Super proud of his loot.  You can't tell but he is screaming, "MOMMYMOMMYMOMMY, LOOK!"

 Yeah, he isn't sure which super hero to be each day, so why not be two or three at the same time?

 My favoritest pic of the whole day.  He looks so big and so little at the same time.  Just perfect:)

As we were leaving the park, he was heard saying, "I had fun!"

And then later that day, we got to hang out with this girl.

It was a great day:)

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