Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter morning

It was our first Easter morning with TWO littles in the house.  And it did not disappoint.  It was super low key.  We had nowhere to be and no one was coming over.  Just us.  In our jammies.  All day long.

 Sydney's basket was in her crib (no she does not sleep in her crib yet so no safety measures were violated).

 And after a generous hint, little mister (aka Spiderman) found his behind the curtain.

 He was just a little excited...


 Sydney's first Easter:)

 Looks thrilled, doesn't she??

That's better.

I can now appreciate how much fun it must have been for my parents to wake up on Easter with my brother and I.  I can understand how funny it must have been that I would cry because I couldn't find my basket, like every year.  I can feel how important it is to make these memories.  For the kids, but also for myself.  Now my Easters will not only be filled with my childhood memories of pound puppies and kites and candy in my baskets but also with their childhood memories of hair bows, swimsuits and sidewalk chalk in their baskets.  I always thought it was so fun to be a kid on Easter morning.  I am not 100% sure, but I think it might be more fun to be the adult parent.  To watch the wonder and the excitement and the joy on their faces.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter.  We did:)

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