Sunday, October 5, 2014

Chalkboard wall + deer head + glitter

I was wandering around Michael's the other day, try to keep my head from exploding thinking about all the potential projects I could do when I came across a paper mache deer head.

 "Mom, mom, MOM!  I want to be in the picture too!"

I don't know about you, but when you see a paper mache deer head, do you not think of white paint and gold glitter??  No?  Weird.

Anyway, I spray painted the head and ear part with my favorite spray paint. Let that dry and then wrapped that part with Saran wrap to glitter the antlers.

But then the great North American glitter spill occurred...

Ok, fine that was a bit dramatic.

Here is the final product...

Which I did love but it was not really the impact I was hoping for.

So Saturday morning, I woke and the idea just popped into my head.  I need to paint a wall in the living room with chalkboard paint.  The deer head would look amazing on that!

I snapped a quick iphone pic to show you the before.

Don't mind the mess:)  Its real life, people.

And here is the after with paper mache deer head included...

Seriously in love with this wall now.  I am suddenly in love with black and gold.  The wooden frames I found in a shed while visiting my parents recently.  My dad had made them for a pergola project.  I found the horseshoe in my grandma's shed.  She had even painted it white at some point in time:)

I used Rustoleum chalkboard paint.  So go get some and paint a wall, quick!

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Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I am soooo ready to pull the trigger and paint me a chalkboard wall too! And I love how a paper deer head started it all!

:) Linda

Nicole Sayre said...

What did you use to adhere the glitter to the antlers?

Mama Bird said...

Ah yes, I realize I completely omitted that step in the post. Sorry, Nicole. First I took about a half cup of Mod podge (you can use whatever finish you like) and mixed about 1/3 cup of glitter. I then painted that onto the antlers. Before it dried, I dusted the antlers with glitter to get full coverage. Then I painted the Mod Podge/glitter mixture over that to seal all the glitter onto the antlers.

Nicole Sayre said...

Awesome, thank you!