Monday, October 13, 2014

She grows

Dear Sydney,
You turned 8 months old on October 1st.  Stranger danger is in FULL effect.  So is being your Mama's magnet.   But I still managed to get a few pics of you with your Great Grandma...

And Great Grandpa...

Unfortunately, I missed an opportunity to get one of you and your other Great Grandma.

This week has been full of milestones.  In one week, you started saying your first word, "Mama", regularly, pulled yourself up to standing several times, started giving high 5's and started clapping.  It is like you suddenly realized that you do have the capability to make things happen.  And when you are in the right mood, you will start to copy what we say.  Like "Dada" and "Yeah yeah."

You are fantastic at playing (especially when I am not in the room or you don't know I am in the room).

And you really love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I am a little worried you might have your father's hair.  Thin and wispy.  Fuzzy.  Time will tell.  

I am sorry your brother grabs you too hard, hangs on too long and is too loud.  I am sorry that he constantly has to slither his body between you and me.  I am sorry I have to spend 80% of my time negotiating with him to get him to do the simplest of tasks.  Only thing I can tell you about that is it will teach you patience, your own negotiating skills and how to defend yourself.  You can thank him later in life. 

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying ever day with you and our little family.  I am truly enjoying watching you grow and learn and interact with us.  Looking forward to tomorrow.


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