Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Another Fall Vignette

I can't stop making little fall vignettes in my home.  Apparently, I have an addiction.  This time, the lucky spot was in my kitchen.  Here is the post that goes into how we made the kitchen hutch a few years ago.  

It was time to free up that valuable space that the tea cups were taking up since I just could not keep the main surface uncluttered with papers and mail.  I needed the cubbies that the tea cups were taking up for the 43,000 pieces of mail we get per day.  I plan on getting some baskets for that area some day.

On Fridays on my way home from work, I love to stop by St Vinny's and do a quick browse for decor items.  Recently, I came upon this pitcher.

It was going to do nothing for me as is.  But I know it only takes a few coats of my favorite spray paint to transform it to something amazing.  It has the perfect lines.

This is the spray paint I like.

I like to have a few cans on hand for projects.  I happened to have a whole one and about a quarter of another one in the garage.  Also, note the Bokeh in the background:)

I like to maximize my crafting/DIYing time so since I was going to be spray painting, I whipped up a few cake stands with some thrifted candle holders and plates.

Basically, you buy a base (candle holder) and a top (large or small plate).  Wash and dry your bases and tops.  Run a bead of this glue

E6000 Industrial Strength Glue Adhesive ...
around the top of the candle holder where you are going to put the plate.  Place your plate on the base and let dry for several hours (I wait 24 hours).

I am sorry I didn't get a pic of the next steps.  I took the cake holders and pitcher out to the garage and spray painted them.  I used 2 good coats.  I then let the paint dry overnight.

I could have been done at that point but I wanted to embellish the pitcher.  I decided on a number.  The number 3.  Why?  Because I already have a number 4 in the house and I felt I would get crap about using a number 2:)  There are many ways to add the number 3.  Paint it free hand or stencil it.  I choose to cut out a 3 from a piece of vinyl chalkboard adhesive I got from Hobby Lobby (I think).  So after cutting out the 3, I removed the backing and just stuck it on the pitcher.  Then I rubbed some chalk over the 3.  Here is the new fall vignette above my kitchen hutch.

 I promise the hutch is not really this electric of green.  I have no idea why it shows up like this on this pic.

I got the prints at Goodwill a while back.  The tea cups and saucers are from my MIL.  The wheat and little pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby.  I had the wooden pumpkin for ages and have no idea where I got it.  Thank goodness this space is now autumnized.

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