Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Labor

My parents were at my house this weekend, primarily to watch Sully for us so we could attend our fantasy football draft on Sunday.  However, I am not a fool and don't let an opportunity go to waste.  So I put them to work helping me transform a corner in my kitchen that has been an eyesore since we moved in.

Here is the said corner.

I needed the corner to look prettier, function better, have some storage and still hold the kennel.  And I didn't want to spend hardly anything.  Tall order, right?

Originally, I had a small bookcase just sitting on top of the table for awhile to see what I might want shelf-wise and storage-wise.  It did function ok but it looked ridiculous and I still needed more from it.  Of course I had told my parents about it so when a friend offered them the top of a large desk that they were getting rid of anyway, they immediately accepted.  Oh yeah, it was free.

I forgot to get a good pic of it but I got a pic of my mom in front of it when we were painting it.

I wanted to cover up the countertop so we found some plywood in my garage and a bunch of chair rail molding and painted everything a unifying "botanical green."

Intermixed in with the corner project was this...

Oh yeah, my nephew Jack showed up with my parents.  He likes fans and vacuums.  We put him to work too.

Guess who drew these?

Ok, back to the project.  Here if the finished product.

Fantastic, isn't it?  And the only thing it cost was $25 for a can of paint.  I love it!  I am going to go look at it again.

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Susie said...

It's gorgeous! And finally those beautiful dishes are on display. Love it.


Leave It To Davis said...

Wow! Awesome!