Thursday, September 27, 2012


Dear Sullivan,

You are 22 months today!  You have officially entered the ever dreaded "no" phase.  Every answer you give is a no, even before I finish the question.

"Do you want a hot dog?"    "no"
"Do you want to take a bath?"     "no"
"Do you want to eat-" "no"
"Do you want to go ou-" "no"
"Do you wa-" "no"
"Hey Sul-" "no"

Even when I was reading you The Very Busy Spider tonight, you managed to slide a little "no" right after the cat asked the spider if she wanted to take a nap.

The word "no" is so ingrained into you, you never even say the word yes.  Instead, if you agree with something or actually want to do or eat what I ask you, you simply nod.  No actual verbal agreement, only a nod.

You absolutely cannot live without lots of time "ou-side" these days.

You had your first extended "vacation" from your parents.  You stayed with Gamma and Papa and you had so, so much fun.  I don't even know if you noticed we were gone.  You didn't give me much of welcome when I came to pick you up.  You simply looked over as you were watching Spongebob and smiled and nodded and then went back to your show.

You and Papa are pretty good buds now.

Look at all those teeth!

Your new obsession is the movie Finding Nemo.  As soon as you wake up in the morning, you ask "Mee-mo?"

Every day you are saying more and more.  It is so much fun to see what you pick up and notice.  To live life through the eyes of a child.  Keep learning, little one.


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