Saturday, September 8, 2012

Are you there fall, its me Tara

Just like that, I woke up and it is fall.  The air is crisp and I can breathe again, there are leaves on the ground, weekends are filled with football and the promise of fallish (yes, you can add -ish and -y to any word and it works) activities and foods hang over our heads.

Last year, I kicked off the season with apples and plaid.  This year I just put Sully in his Saturday best and followed him around.

Here is the little stinker running away from me.  He chose a strategic path where he was able to travel through untouched but I had to hunch with my camera and coffee and still get slapped in the face with a stray branch.

After I chased him through 2 neighbors yards, he settled on this neighbors tree to show me what a little monkey he is. (yeah, I don't really care about possession and apostrophes today, deal)

Just like his dad, he thinks the Badgers are "the number 1."

All the while, he is telling me stories of trucks, cars and bikes.

Such a comedian.



Who needs a swing set when you have the neighbors tree.

Happy Fall!

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