Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hoodie Towels

Seeing as how the Sul will be turning 2 in about two months, I decided it was time to stop smashing him into his baby hooded towels (even though I love them and they are soooo cute).  I am sure most normal parents would have stopped using these long ago, but I am not normal.

As luck would have it, I came across this pin on Pinterest.

So I went to Kohls and got 3 big ones towels with coordinating hand towels and then gathered some ribbon I already had.

I followed all of the the steps as listed in the tutorial.  However, I did not do any pinning, I am too lazy for that.

Here is what I had:

Note to self:  If I were to ever make these in the future, I would try to find hand towels without that detail a few inches from the edge as I think it would look better to not have that showing.  Since posting these, I have decided to do some quick appliques over that area so you won't even know it is there.

I had to embellish them a bit more and cover up the hand towel detail.  Now this is the final product.

Holy cow, aren't they cute!  They are killing me!

I must admit, I broke 3 or 4 regular needles in my machine sewing these.  Once I burned through all of those, I found some more heavy duty needles and I was able to finish the last one without any needle breakages.

Then it was time to test them out!

Fun in the bath!  Extra points for you if you can spot the hemangioma!

Someone was not happy with the photo shoot so this was the best I could do for a shot of how long it comes down.

It actually drags on the ground a bit when he is standing.  So I figure he can use these until he is about 10.

This project gave me a great idea for a homemade Nemo costume!


Brooke Eck said...

Love them, you come up making thing that are so neat and cool.

Andria said...

We got one of those as a baby gift for Evelyn and they are awesome!