Monday, October 27, 2014

Our Fall in Photos

Sorry I have not been posting much lately.  I assure you, we have been enjoying this amazing fall.  Living it to the fullest.  Here is what we have been up to, our Fall in Photos:

Playing in the leaves with cousin Jack.

And Papa Don.

I have no idea how many leaves he ate, but I imagine it was an entire meal worth:) 

The next day, we had our family photos taken by a very talented high school friend, Angie LaRue.

Pretty awesome, right?  I knew they would be fantastic.  Angie is really great, but I already knew that;)

And now all of the following pics will look very amateur....

Last weekend, we went to Boo at the Zoo at the Milwaukee County Zoo.
With Spidey and a lion...

And Alice...

And a bag of Eminems...

And the cutest penguin on the planet.

This weekend was our yearly pumpkin patch visit.  Much to my delight, there was significantly less hatred (crying and whining) for the pumpkin patch this year than years past.

Look at these cool dudes...

Picking out pumpkins with cousins.  Be still my heart.

And finally we got our pumpkins carved right before Halloween... 

 Hope your fall has been just as full:)

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