Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chalkboard wall update

I am still loving my half chalkboard wall and want to show you what I did to it today.  This wall had always stumped me a bit as to what to put on it, which is why I chose to paint it with chalkboard paint.  More options.  I have been really wanting to hop on the wall paper band wagon but my hubs is not on board and I am just not confident enough to follow through anyway.  But, to get a patterned look on the wall, I decided to draw a pattern on my chalkboard wall.  So I took everything down and wiped off the stuff I had written.  I found a pattern I liked on Pinterest.  Then I crafted some makeshift "tools" to get the job done.

Thats right, I taped an old photo envelop to a level.  High tech, I tell you.

 Then I needed an angled "tool" so I drew a line on the photo envelop.

And cut down the line.

I taped another photo envelop to the angled on as kind of a spacing guide.  Then I went to it drawing angles.

You are correct.  They are not perfectly even or spaced but that is what I was going for.  Imperfect pattern.  Next, I decorated the wall.

I love it and it only took about 40 minutes!  Winning!

Coming soon, my belated fall tour.

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