Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Tour

I typically don't post a fall tour on the blog.  And apparently, I am the slowest person in the blogosphere to do so.  I posted a lot of my fall decor on Instagram but thought I would just blog it too.  Sometimes I like to go back and see what I did in years past.  I shared the changes I made to my half chalkboard wall in the living room yesterday here.  So I will start with the other side of the room.

 See the cat photobomber I tried to unsuccessfully crop out?

Yes, the "THANKS" is completely wonky and tapers and not straight but this year, it is all about embracing imperfections (at least that is what I am telling myself and my family).

I am kind of obsessing about pillows recently.  Accumulating them and making covers for them.  I made the leaf ones out of a 4 pack of napkins I got from Marshalls or Kohls, I can't even remember which, and some drop cloth.  So I made 4 pillows total.  The pillow obsession is quite silly with two littles around who continuously throw them on the floor then proceed to trip on them and fall into coffee tables.  Oops.

Heading up to the dining room...

 Apparently feathers are the prominent fall decor this year at my house.  I bought a bunch at Hobby Lobby and strung them up on twine, threw them in centerpieces, put them in bottles and gobblets.  Please.stop.me.

I was pretty pumped to decorate my new table and shelves this year.  Love decorating new surfaces.

We had to have a Halloween section of the house (maybe I ran out of acceptable fall decor and maybe I did it for the kids, I will never tell).

And here is the other side of the buffet...

 I usually don't bother to incorporate any fall decor in our bedroom but decided to go for it this year.

 Yep, I posted a "night" picture on the blog- gasp!  And I have yet to add height to the hubs bedside table but it is on the list.

This most adorable pinecone garland is from Target and I love it!  

So that is the fall tour.  There has been some musical pillows since I took these pics but I am calling it a day on the fall decorating!

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