Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The everyday

"I'm sexy and I know it!"

"Party people in the kitchen tonight"

"Everyday I'm shuffling"

The lyrics were spoken/sung by a gaggle of 8 year old boys after they got to the daycare after school today.  I saw/heard them as I was picking up a sleepy Sully from daycare today.  So much energy!  The fun I get to look forward to!

I have no idea what has been troubling the little Mister the last two days, but something is really bothering him.  The smallest thing will trigger an all out melt down- dropping his ball and it rolling away, tripping on one of his cars, trying to give him milk in a sippy cup that he does not like, not holding him every second.  Any of these triggers precipitated a full out head flung back, bouncing up and down with arms flapping tantrum.  Sometimes, he required no trigger at all and would simply throw himself onto the floor and wail.

He wasn't pulling at his ears, he wasn't chewing on his fingers, he didn't feel warm, he was sleeping and napping normally, he was drinking and eating as usual, no diarrhea and no puking- so what the heck??  There is no explanation.  However, I did find out today that children's Tylenol cures it.  For twenty minutes I just held the boy on one hip while I Mod Podged a frame and a vintage map to poster board.  And suddenly, about 20 minutes after he had a dose of the magic potion, my happy, loving, silly, laughing boy was back!

Lesson learned, when in doubt, Tylenol to the rescue.  Tylenol and lots of toddler holding.  I contemplated getting the Baby Bjorn on but then thought better of it.  I like my back too much.  I have just become a master at doing just about anything with one hand, including crafting.

Speaking of crafting, am I ever going to be able to stop making "art"?  I think we are going to have to buy a second house that I can fill the walls with homemade art.  Damn you Pinterest!

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