Monday, February 13, 2012

Silhouette, and other stuff

I vividly remember sitting as still as possible, with a large piece of paper on one side of me and a transparency projector on the other side of me, while a teacher traced my shadow.  This was later cut out and mounted in a frame for my parents.  My brother had one done of him too the next year and they were hung in the hallway leading to our rooms and stayed there until the house burned down.  I didn't really think they were that cool, but I didn't have my mom goggles yet.  These are kind of the rage right now (ok, more like last year but whatev) so I decided to make one of Sully.  There are many options out there for how to make one.  I just took a side profile pic of the boy, 

printed it out as an 8X10,

cut out the profile, turned it around, traced it,

cut it out and mounted it in a frame I had laying around. (the curl was tricky)

This brings me to my next project of the day, the photo wall in the dining room.  It was driving me crazy as it was all over the place.  Here is what it looked like before.

I bought a few narrow shelves from Menards for $9 each, white washed them and put them up.  Then I lined them with frames while hanging a few as well.  I like it much better.

(in case you are wondering if I know that the lowest shelf is a bit crooked, yes I do and yes I plan on fixing it.)

In an attempt to distract the little tornado, I gave him his Valentines day gift early...

He is really keeping me guessing as to whether he will be a righty or a lefty.

He looks really into it, right?  Yeah, he was for about 35 seconds before he started throwing the crayons around and then escaping up the stairs into naughty zones.  I have to work on better distractions.

The big deal for the day was Turbo getting groomed.  I LOVE it when she gets groomed.  She looks like a little fawn and is so cuddly.

Notice the Valentines hankie.

And finally, Sully got a Valentine card from his great-grandma and great-grandpa Dohms.  Lucky boy.

He loved it.  And then he dunked it.

Happy Monday!

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