Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snow Play

Is it seriously FebRuary (for some reason I am hypersensitive of everyone's pronunciation of the first R in Feb this year) and we can go outside and play with just sweatshirts, hats and mittens on?  So serious.  Game on.

It was some one's first real play in the snow today.  Thankfully, he is eating lots of raisins, goldfish crackers and cheese so he had lots of energy for the occasion;)

 The hands behind the back thing is new.

Turbo wanted to prove to me that she can still pose perfectly.

So regal...

Who doesn't play bocci in the snow?  (I have to be honest, the bocci and croquet sets were the only ball type objects in the garage.  Yes, we have other balls in the basement but when you are home alone with a 14 month old terror, it is not so easy to just go in the basement and rifle through your sporting good bin to find the perfect ball).

Alright, back to trying to be interested in this super bowl...

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