Friday, March 28, 2014

Are you there, Spring??

After months of not feeling inspired to do any sort of decorating, I had a sudden urge to finally take down the lingering Christmas decorations and get some spring/summer stuff up.  Never mind that it was mid-March, I welcomed the fact that it actually happened after being decorating dormant for too long.  See spring vignette 2013 and 2012.

I did buy a new wreath but everything else is re-used/recycled from other years.


I used a fake plant this year since I failed miserably at keeping the Jade plant from last year alive.

Why wouldn't one use a Jodi Picoult book along with a Zombie survival guide in one's spring vignette?  Normal.

My gnome guys are back.  I wonder if they know the nice gnome family that so kindly gave up their gnome baby to us?

She is just soooo tiny still, I swear she is a little gnome baby.

Got this done just in time for our weekend visitors.

And now we just need spring to arrive.

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