Sunday, May 27, 2012

18 months

Dear Sullivan,
Today marks 18 months that you have been alive!  Definitely a day to celebrate!  Just this week you have started to repeat and copy words that we say and it is....AWESOME!!!  New words include "kick", "cacker" (cracker), "stuck" and "no no" (while shaking your finger).

But mostly, you are totally and utterly obsessed with Disney Pixars Cars!

Watching Caaaaaaas...

Playing Caaaaaas...

Just Caaaaas...

(Flo, Lighting McQueen, Sally, Fillmore, um...Sheriff)

You are very tempermental.  Even somewhat bipolar.  You just have a hard time controlling your emotions right now.  Don't worry, you will figure it out.  We all do.  It is one of lifes biggest lessons.

So that is our life, Caaaas, Caaaaas, Caaaaas with a mood swinging toddler...and I love it.  Because it is my life.  Our life.

Happy 18 months, Sully!  I could not love you and your likes anymore!


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