Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Impromtu Playroom

Out of the blue, inspired by the holiday, I decided to finally do something about that damn 3rd bedroom upstairs that was sitting there messy and idle.

Step 1- take clunky desk that was taking up way too much room to the curb- check.

Step 2- empty and clean the room (very quietly as a certain toddler was sleeping in the room next door)- check.

Step 3- bring in the flip chair from MIL- check.

Steps 4-6- fill with books, toys and decorate- check, check and check.

And here it is, my new favorite room.  $0 and 2 hours spent.

Here is a closer look at the art.  I LOVE these modern posters of fairy tales and you can print them out for free from here.  They are great for kids rooms or nurseries.  I printed mine on photo paper.  I had our college diplomas in these frames and just switched them out for these cute prints which are much more fun to look at, although much, much cheaper.

Ran out of frames for prints so I just tacked some to the bulletin board.

 The room looks great, just don't look in the closet!!  A project for another day...

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