Saturday, June 2, 2012

Garage Sale Season

Its garage sale season, people!  I stopped at a few after work yesterday and picked up a few sweet toys including the little people train set below:

I am pretty pumped about it since it came with all the pieces, train, 4 people and batteries that work for $8!

I ran the Race for the Cure today and man, do I LOVE Madison!  It was amazing to see all the people out supporting a great cause.  I don't have pictures but I wish I could share the excitement of the day with you.  I ran most of the run with tears in my eyes reading all the "In Celebration of" and "In Memory of"s on the back of other runners shirts, in addition to running alongside survivors.  It was humbling and emotional.  I have never done Race for the Cure before and I can assure you I will be doing it every year from now on.

After the race I stopped at another garage sale put on by two sweet elderly ladies and a sweet elderly man.  They had some cool antique stuff to look at.  I ended up buying 2 jars of buttons (for some button crafts I have in mind), 4 white wooden frames and 4 little retro dishes for $11.  Sweet!!

 The hubs was obvi excited about the buttons, too:)

Alright, now its time for a nice Saturday nap.  Ta Ta!

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