Sunday, June 17, 2012


It's funny. For most of our lives, we have spent the day honoring our dads and grandpas on Fathers' Day and our moms and grandmas on Mothers' Day. The reality that we are now the moms and dads is still very new and very surreal.

But we are.  We have a little boy looking to us.  Looking to us for love, acceptance, guidance and all kinds of stuff in between.

Mostly, we laugh.  We laugh about inappropriate things, normal things and things that make absolutely no sense.  We already have inside jokes, gestures and sayings.  Us three.

So sometimes, it is hard for me to hang back and let the father-son bond develop.  I always want to be right there in the middle, involved in whatever they are doing.  Usually it is being ridiculously goofy.

Nice booger.

I am trying to be more mindful and hang back when they are having their time because it is important that they have a relationship that is independent of me.

 And they will.

Because they adore each other.

Because they have more fun together than any other father-son on the planet.

And it is coming so easily for the both of them.

Which makes my heart so very happy!

Sully made this for his dad at daycare on friday:

The hubs thought Sully very appropriately chose a hand saw since that is definitely more his style than a fancy electric saw.  Sully already knows his dad so well!

Happy Fathers' Day to all the amazing dads in my life!  Everything you do is important.  Some one is hanging on your every word and action (I know because I have an amazing dad myself!).

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