Tuesday, June 26, 2012

19 Month Man

Dear Sullivan,

Tomorrow you will be 19 months!

Your mind, personality and ideas are growing by leaps and bounds.  Your vocabulary is exploding.  And with this growth also comes the struggle to do things independently.  You are constantly scolding me (shaking your finger and saying "no no") for trying to help you.  I try to hang back and allow you to do as much as you can by yourself but if you don't get it right away you get pretty upset.  This leaves your mother constantly juggling between allowing you to have as much independence as possible but also trying to give enough help and support so that you don't get so mad that you quit.

I know, those bubbles smell damn good, I tried them too.  Too bad they don't taste like they smell:(

The past two days have been full of firsts.  First time you hopped on the sit n spin and could do it all by yourself.  First time you were able to eat a fruit squeeze without getting it all over you (and first time in weeks that you would actually try to eat one).  First time you made up a sport consisting of hitting a big bouncy ball with a baseball bat.  First emotional puke.  

In case you didn't notice, I did give your hair a trim.  I didn't want to take you anywhere because I thought you would have a meltdown and I didn't want them to completely cut all your hair off.  Don't worry, I saved every lock of hair I cut off.  

It is so fun to grow with you.

Don't ever stop learning and growing.


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