Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mamas vs Daddys

The little Mister has not been himself the past 2 nights.  He was happy and having a great day yesterday until about 4:30 pm then he started to get whiny, clingy and his forehead felt like it was burning up.  I took his temp and it read 102.4 F.  High, I know.  (No, he didn't have any other worrisome signs)  So I pumped him with both Tylenol and ibuprofen.  I stripped him down to his diaper, gathered him and his "blay" and we swayed and danced in the dining room in the dark.  He just let me hold him, his head on my shoulder, his bare legs dangling.  We forfeited the normal evening routines of food forcing, teeth brushing and book reading for straight up swaying and cuddling.  It was great.

Tonight, after playing for a bit outside, he sat on my lap on the couch and watched some E! news with me.  After some attempts at food that he threw back at me and a crazy bath, he was fighting sleep so I went up and just rocked him for a bit.  Once again, head hit the shoulder and we were back in the zone.

He gives me these moments so I don't feel bad at the fact that he almost never utters "mamama" (except for during a super out of control tantrum) and numerous times a day (very enthusiastically and excitedly) says "Da-ddy Da-ddy."

Daddy gets this...
Giggle monster.

And Mama gets this...

Snuggle bug.

And that's ok.  That's why Mamas bodies are cushier and softer.

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