Saturday, May 19, 2012


I have been more interested in practicing photography today.  I have been looking into some editing programs. I even considered buying one.  Because if I am going to take pics, they need to be perfect, right?


I have to be careful because once I get my mind wrapped around something, I tend to run away with it, elope with it and spend all of my time with it.  It consumes all of my time and I just plain get carried away.

Thankfully, this time, I was able to recognize it and think a bit more logically.  Yes, I enjoy taking beautiful pictures but I do not have the time to be editing every picture to death.  I am not a professional photographer, nor do I someday want to be.  This is a hobby and over time, I will figure it out.  For now, Picassa works just fine for me.  Just a few tweaks here and there and I am done.

Luckily, I have the perfect subject to practice on...

Focus problem.

Have a great weekend!

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