Sunday, April 29, 2012

Harper visit!

My blog posts about Harper are the most popular by far.  So I will give you a much needed update on the little nugget.  She and her Mama came to visit today.

Harper is 8 months old now, loves mangoes, is very interested in her hands and feet, hardly cries, rolls places and her hair swooshes to the side.

Obviously, she is doing fab and looking fantastic!!!

Girls with bows, could it get any better?

The girl is full of faces.

Rocking the bed head look...

And then it was time for the tornado to make his entrance.  He was so gentle (for the most part) and sweet with her.  He pets babies...

Basically, it was a hit.  Sully really loves babies, just not when his Mama is holding them.  He even shared some of his toys with her.  He is such a rough and tumble boy so when he does gentle, nice things, it warms my heart.  Especially when he does them for Harper.  He only sees that she is a baby that needs toys and I love that.


Kaiti said...

We love this post, the pictures, and of course Sully! Thanks for having us over! Glad we can help your blog traffic!!

Raissa said...

Kaiti, She is adorable :)