Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Warriors

Saturday was jam-packed for us.  It started out with the boy's first trip of the season to the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison.

Sully with uncle Aaron, auntie April and cousin Sean.

The boys checking out the goats.

Hmmm, guess some one didn't like the carousel...

Little stinker wouldn't even sit any any of the animals or horses.

Snack break.

I guess a giraffe says, "oooooooh."
PS When do kids stop drooling???

Sean close-up.

Some one was happy to see that cousin Jens showed up...or at least that he wore that pretty around his neck.

After the zoo, we headed to High Noon Saloon to watch cousin Jens rock it out.  And rock it out he did...

He is so cool.  His band is called the Husky Nom Noms and Sully loved them.

After that, the Shagers graciously watched the littles while we went out to dinner with April and Aaron.  And we thoroughly enjoyed a dining experience that was longer than 15 minutes and didn't end in a hurried can't-you-see-what-is-happening-here-bring-the-damn-check moment.  Woot woot!!


Susie said...

It was a great day.


Marzena said...

Madelyn hated the carousel until she got closer to 2. But before that, it was a screamfest! Now, she can't get enough of them. I'm glad you had a great day followed with an even more fun night.