Sunday, April 22, 2012

The hubs, the Hero

If any of you know my husband, you probably know that he has an unhealthy, overly dramatic fear of bees and wasps.  To his horror, he spotted a wasp buzzing up against our kitchen window, from the inside, today.  Cue the near panic attack.

He could not find a fly swatter or maybe didn't even know where to look for one (c'mon, really?).  So he settled on a Sudoku book that was in the dinning room.  When the massacre was over, he came into the living room to recount the entire event starting from lifting the bamboo window shade to find the wasp, to the wasp wedging itself in the little area were the sill meets the window so that he could not use a simple swat but needed to use some jab moves to complete the kill.  About 45 seconds after recounting the details to me, he was pretty sure the wasp was just "playing dead" so he better go check to make sure it was not still alive.  This led to a cutting of the wasp in half with the Sudoku book.  Even then, there was still some discussion about whether it was truly dead.

So now it sits on the window sill waiting for me to dispose of it since the hubs simply cannot bring himself to move it.

Thanks for saving the family from that mean, sneaky, tricky, impulsive, horrible wasp- we really owe you one!

I know he thinks he is a hero for killing the wasp, but this is why I think he is a hero...

No, not because he plays slightly-above-average driveway basketball.  Because he plays slightly-above-average driveway basketball with our boy.  For that, he will always be a hero.

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