Friday, April 27, 2012

Mr 17 Months

Dear Sullivan,
Today, you are 17 months old!  You seem to be pretty much over your super severe case of separation anxiety that you had over the last few weeks which makes morning drop offs a breeze.  Your schedule has been pretty stable since you were 3 months old.  Monday is Mama day, one day is Gramma Subes day and the other three days you go to the most loving, wonderful day care.  You are one happy, strange, goofy guy.

I have to admit, you were mistaken for a girl today!  To be fair, the person whom thought you were a girl was a half block away from you and I have refused to get your haircut.  You seriously have some fantastic hair going on right now.  Very 80's hockey mullet.  I just can't bring myself to cut it off- and I am not sorry.

Lovin' quesadillas here.

We have so much fun.  Laughing, giggling, being silly all the time.

You have added a few more everyday words to your vocab.
"Uppy" (puppy)
"Blay" (blanket)
"Baby" (no translation needed)
I am sure there are more, but I can't completely understand your dialect yet.

We found a juice you like!!!  Lucky for us, it contains a full serving of both veggies and fruits- ha!  You are still not really into eating actual fruit much.  Mostly you just eat hot dogs and corn dogs.  Like almost every night.

Tomorrow you will participate in your first Crazy Legs walk!  Woot woot!  I bet you are super pumped.

I watched all of the videos I ever took of you last night.  You still have the same giggle that you had at 6 months of age.  It was so hard to believe that I would grow to love you so much more in just a few short months.  I remember taking those videos.  I remember just how much I loved you then.  I had no idea I would be capable of loving you even more than at that point in time.  But I do.  I am.



Susie Sieg said...

This is the cutest picture of Sully. Pleeeeese get me a copy...and dont' cut that beautiful hair!

Gramma Subes

Derrick Harris said...

I know that mullet! He looks exactly like every picture of Clayton b/w 4th grade and 7th grade.