Monday, April 23, 2012


A long overdue addiction post, I know.  And to make up for it, I have two current addictions I would like to share.

1.  St Vinny's on Willie street.

It is a treasure trove for old furniture.  You seriously never know the gems you are going to find there. I have been obsessed with scouring the store since fixing up the guest room into a craft/sewing/play/guest room.

I found this rolling table, which I was foolish enough to think I would be able to roll it in and out of the closet.  Too big- but makes a perfect sewing/craft table.  Did I mention it rolls?!?  Love...

Oh, and I guess you get a sneak peek of my new crafty space.

Needing more storage, I found this metal storage piece.  It actually has dividers in it on one side, perfect for paper storage.  It will be absolutely perfect when my dear Dad makes a base for it (hint, hint).

If you live in Madison, you must go to look around.  The turnover in that place is crazy.  I went back two days after I scored the rolling table for a different desk for the closet but it was already gone and replaced with lots of other cool stuff.

2.  Now that I am a mother of a toddler boy....

Singles / Travel

I am not kidding.  I have them everywhere- purse, diaper bags, kitchen, car.  They are a necessity.  Who knew the very thing that I would tease my Grandma Dohms about always having, I would now never be without?  Every time I see them on sale for $0.99, I pick up a couple packs.

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