Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Now that I am completely recovered from the weekend, I can finally get a blog post up.  This past weekend was the annual alumni softball/volleyball tournament in my hometown.  I have always loved that weekend and it is always something to look forward to near the end of summer.  I think it is a pretty unique annual event for a small town and it certainly draws a crowd. 

Per standard alumni friday fashion, there was lots of energy put toward drinking 32 ouncers.  Although I exceeded in that category, I had some epic fails in others (remembering the end of the night, at least making an attempt to drink in moderation).  It was a "blatto" (per my hubs) friday night.

And it did not go without some repercussions on saturday.  Mostly in the form of head pain, head fog, fatigue and general body aches.  Luckily, the weekend was not a total bust since I did get to spend lots of time at the Shangri-La De Machak. 

Papa Donny's newest creation, his custom outdoor fireplace that he just finished.

Every time I go there, there is something new to see.  I keep forgetting to do a pictoral tour of their new house each time I am there.  I will get to it, eventually.

Sully got to spend lots of time with his little friends, cousins and Papa and Gamma.

Diner days with Lucy...

Mustang Mavens.

Punch it, Lucy.  I will get us some tunes going...

Big boy biking.

Cool cousins.

Ahhhh, good stuff.

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