Sunday, August 12, 2012


We spent the weekend living at some one else's house, with them, neighbors and others.  We ate, drank, were merry....and community parented.  It was fantastic.  The question of why we just don't buy a big house and all live and parent together was raised and I honestly can't think of a good reason why we have not already done this.  Yes, there are some people that you know you could never live with but I am pretty sure I would not mind living with any of these people.

On Saturday, after some of us showered and the rest of us pulled on our clothes from the night before, we ventured to the farmers market on the square.  And we immediately regretted it.  It was packed with people and strollers and we became desperate to get the hell away from the crowd.  We ended up going to brunch at Brocach.   Most of the adults indulged in bloody marys with beer chasers while the toddlers ate raisins (Sully hand feeding Sean and Sean totally going along with it), smashed dishes and cried making the dining experience slightly less than enjoyable.

We ended up going home for a nice 3 hour family nap and some showers.  We were back for more fun that evening.  Ava has a talent for occupying toddlers and she doesn't even get bent out of shape when one of them continually sasses her.  Love her.

After the jammies were donned, there was another round of toddler running with non-stop giggles.

In the morning there was composing and Cheerio eating.

After this pic I gave in and used the damn flash.

After Sully forced me to spill coffee all over the couch, I decided we had worn out our welcome and we headed home.

For being a homebody and enjoying alone time, I found myself surprisingly regretful that we had to leave all the fun and energy of a house full of people.  I had the same feeling after coming home from our lake house vacation.  I guess that just reinforces the fact that yes, we do indeed need to buy a big house and live and parent together.

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