Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

I am starting to come to the unfortunate realization that the Sul just hates pumpkin patches:(

This is what happened last year...

I was hoping it was just a fluke.  Maybe we just scheduled it too close to nap time.

So this year, we made sure he had a good 1 to 1 1/2 hour nap before we left.  Unfortunately, it was a bit of a cool day with a very cool breeze which probably didn't help.  I (Mother of the Year) forgot mittens!

Things were ok at first.  We also brought our nephew, Sean, with us.

 Cold boys.

 Refusing to wear his hat.

 Trying really hard to pick up a "stuck" pumpkin.

Then Harper and family arrived.

Cutest penguin.

Andy, aka animal whisperer...

It was after the goats that Sully lost his marbles.

 Sean not sure about it.

There would be brief flashes of giggly Sully...

But they would always be short lived and he would turn back into Mr Mad.



At this point, we had a crowd around us, laughing at Mr Mad and his parents.  Shortly after this, we decided to call it quits.

Everyone was happier once we got home, warmed up and ate some snacks.

Especially Harper...

And later, there was lots of cousin giggles...

In the end, I just don't care that he doesn't like pumpkin patches.  We are going again next year.

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