Monday, August 25, 2014

Band Wagon

I did it.  I recently hopped on the Essential Oil band wagon.  I know, they are all the rage right now.

A friend of mine had mentioned that she was going to put an essential oil order into Young Living one day and it was the perfect opportunity to try some since she could order them at wholesale prices.  I had heard about and read about Young Living oils on some blogs that I follow.  I *think* they are the only essential oil company that can prove the purity of their oils.  I started out with Lavender (to help littles relax and sleep), Fennel (to increase my milk supply), Lemon and Lemongrass.  The next month, I ordered a few more for my collection.

I have to say, I am pleased with the effects.  I feel the lavender does help my littles sleep soundly and fall asleep faster (and if nothing else, they smell divine).  At first I was applying the oil undiluted to their feet but I have wised up and now dilute it so I get much more for my money.  Also, it is probably best to dilute the oils for littles to avoid any skin reaction.  (Some of the oils HAVE to be diluted even for adults so read the labels carefully!)

I think the biggest struggle for me was figuring out how to apply the oils without having it be such a pain, such a production.  And knowing the dilutions.  Luckily, Amazon was there to save the application dilemma and my friend was there to save the dilution dilemma.

I have always secretly wanted to be a mad chemist, compounding elements and making wicked potions out of them.  Well, this comes close.  I had my oils, I just needed to be able to apply them easily.  On Amazon, I found a carrier oil.  I chose coconut oil but you could use avocado oil or even olive oil (although that is kind of greasy, I know because I tried it).

I ordered the oil and some roller ball applicators and some little plastic pipettes for mixing.

Then I made up some Thieves and Lavender dilutions for both the kids.  Sydney's had to be diluted more than Sully's because she weighs less.  Sydney's dilution was 1-2 drops per 2 tsp of carrier oil and Sully's dilution was 2-4 drops per tsp of carrier oil (per Dr. Scott Johnson's book "Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails").  (Actually, I gave them the same Lavender dilution because I knew she could handle it since I was applying it undiluted for a few weeks on her.)

The roller ball applicators are awesome because you just roll it on their feet and rub it in.  Easy!  I also whipped up the Thieves dilution as I anticipate using it a lot this fall and winter to combat sickness.

Now I certainly don't claim to be an Essential Oil guru.  Everything I know I learned from my friend or the interwebs.  I also know that there are lots of ways to use them, i.e. applying to the skin, diffusing or ingesting.  So far, I have just applied to the skin but I will be getting a proper diffuser soon.  It has been fun to learn about them and see how a natural product can work.

Excited to learn more...

Gotta keep these kiddos healthy from the inside since apparently I cannot keep them from banging themselves up on the outside.

(He may or may not have bounced her right off the chair after this pic...)

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