Monday, August 4, 2014

Upstairs bathroom update

Our upstairs bathroom has been the armpit of our house for years.  It is neglected and forgotten about.  Truthfully, it is embarrassing.  I painted this room the first year we moved into our house.  I chose what I thought was a nice neutral color only to get it on the walls and have the hubs ask, "why did you paint the bathroom flesh color??"  I thought he was ridiculous.... but he was right.  It was all wrong.  Over the years, I did change out the shower curtain and add some art but it was no use.  It was not working.

Nevermind the paint lid and screwdriver on the counter.  I had already removed the art, towel racks and started prepping for paint before snapping these pics.  

Since we can't remake the bathroom into a larger, more spacious bathroom right now, I at least could update the place better.  (Ideally, I would like to knock out the wall behind the shower since that is our walk-in closet, and extend the bathroom back several feet, put in a double sink vanity and put in hexagon floor tiles.  Yeah, apparently I have nothing better to do but dream about house updates.)

I painted the room a greige (grey/beige).  Any you already saw the hook rack I made here.

New shower curtain and curtain rod.

New light fixture which I installed myself!!

 Sorry the pic of the light is hard to see.  I have never seen the bathroom so bright in the last 9 years we lived here!  Holy light, Batman!!! I will get a better pic of that soon.

But more exciting, the vanity got a new look with some paint and hardware.

Paint: Behr paint and primer in one, blueberry twist in semi-gloss.

Love it!!  More to come...

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Anonymous said...

It looks great! How on Earth do you have the time to do all of these updates? You must never sleep.