Tuesday, August 5, 2014

He's growing

Dear Sullivan,

Over the past two days, I swear you are maturing right before my eyes.  Just 3 days ago, I could not wait until 3 was over and you were 4.  Three has been tough for all of us.

Sullivan:  "Want to know what my favorite food is?  CANDY!!"

Sullivan: "Hey mom!  Get a picture of me eating my ring pop!"

From your aversion to foods that are wet or sticky to your poop on the potty strike, we almost didn't make it.  Our patience ran incredibly thin as your continual need challenge us to our limits increased.

 But then the last 2 days happened.

Suddenly, you are being beyond sweet and kind and you are listening.

Suddenly, you are pooping on the potty!!!!  It only took your dad telling you that he was going to teach Sydney how to poop on the potty before you and whoever did it first was going to get the big boy bike.

You won.

So proud.

Suddenly, you are drawing pictures of guys with hair and noses and ears and arms with one finger and calling them your "best friend."

Suddenly, you are using words like enormous and beautiful and comfortable.

Suddenly, you are eating Spaghetti-Os and Hamburger Helper.

And you got this big brother thing down pat.

I didn't think it was possible, but your already high voice somehow becomes 6 octaves higher when you talk to her.  If she is crying you comfort her by saying, "Don't be sad!" in the highest, sweetest voice my ears ever heard.

If I had only one word to describe you, it would be life.  You are life.  You live it with everything you have and feel it with every emotion possible.  There is continuous discussion about everything in life.  Why?  Who?  Where? and Why? again.  It is completely exhausting.  But at the same time, allows me to see life through your eyes.  And that has been pretty amazing.

I know you are still going to be 3 tomorrow.  I know we are not in the clear yet.  But I just wanted to say thank you for these days.  Mama really needed them:)


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