Saturday, January 28, 2012

14 months, oh my

Dear Sullivan,

Yesterday, you were 14 months old.  It is always strange for me to think about how you have only been here for 14 months but it has been the most meaningful, difficult, incredible, frustrating and HAPPY 14 months of my whole life.  You have brought so much joy to our lives, it is overwhelming to think about.  Lets see, what are you up to now...

WALKING everywhere!  You took your first few steps on your first birthday but really, your walking has taken off over the last month.  You now prefer it as your main mode of transportation.

You love climbing stairs but you will not yet try to go down the stairs, even when I am right there and trying to show you how to do it.  Not yet.

You have ALL of your teeth!

You recently went through a hunger strike but I am not sure what your cause was.  I will never know but I am just soooooo happy you are eating again!  You will even eat some wet and sticky things with your hands (gasp)!
-foods you like are cheese, goldfish crackers, sloppy joes, chicken tenders, green beans, but mostly cheerios

(when we get home from daycare or Gramma's, you pull these out of the pantry for a snack)

-foods you don't like are fruit (bananas, clementines, blueberries), avocados, eggs

You LOVE your bath and getting your teeth brushed.

You are such a big boy now that you recently, just this week, gave up your bottle.  (your dad was a little sad about this)  You are very picky about sippy cups, though.  You prefer the Born Free ones that are $11 per cup.

You sleep through the night very well.  However, you have recently been getting up at 4:30 am for some milk then go back to bed and sleep until 7ish.

You are in the big boy room at daycare even though you are not supposed to be there until you are 2.  You are so over that boring baby room.  You cry and cry if you have to be in the baby room, you are not a baby!

You are always doing the strangest things, like carrying a picture of your mama, dada and uncle Jesse around while talking to it and kissing it.  Such a goof.

One of your favorite things to do is close the garage door and turn off light switches and your humidifier.  You are pretty proud of yourself when you do those things.  You also enjoy putting objects into something and then dumping them out.  You are a good stacker of blocks and often applause your efforts.

You say "mama", "dada", "uh oh", "no", "yeah" and often times will repeat words that we say.  I think you try to say Turbo but it comes out as "Turr".

You are starting to cuddle a lot.  You like to give hugs, to humans and dogs.

Well, there is the rundown.  You are a busy, busy boy and although not everyday is easy, everyday is meaningful and I would not have it any other way.


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