Saturday, January 7, 2012

The List

I really an not much of resolution maker but I do have a list of things I would like to get accomplished this year.  Here it is...

1.  Finish my first quilt!

2.  Start knitting again.

3.  Convert Sully's room into a toddler room.  I have already started collecting items for this and have an idea for adding some quilt strips to a plain twin comforter.

4.  Re-decorate our bedroom.  This was the first room in our house that I painted and decorated.  It has been 6 years and it needs a new identity.  I plan on using the quilt I am making on our bed.

5.  Replace both sets of sliding doors in our house- they suck.

6.  Run Crazy Legs again.

7.  Take at least a 3 day vacay with just my hubs.

8.  Make and install shelving in our dining room and Sully's room.

9.  Get to a Brewer game this year.  I can't believe we didn't make it to ANY last year!

10.  Enjoy my family, my life, myself.

Ok, than last one is a bit lame but sometimes I need to remind myself not just to check things off of a list but be more present in the everyday and not be in such a rush.  Live in the moment and not just hurry to the next big thing.  Do you have a list?  What is on it?

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Kaiti said...

Oh hell yeah I have a list! But my main craft project is I want to try to make a headboard.