Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back to normal

I am coming down. You know, from that early January high I get every year. This was year was especially just-smoked-a-bong-like but without the awareness of your body weight and the paranoia that follows. I think my head was literally spinning with the hope, promise and ideas for what this year would hold. There are so many things I want to do and try but I need to remember I have the whole year to get these things done.

Slowly, as the routine of life resumed, I was brought back down to reality. And that is ok. Having you head spin for longer than 2 weeks is exhausting! Life is back to its normal pace. Without any vacations or time off to look forward to (or to just live to get to). But I plan on changing that soon. Just not today.

We are headed to Motown for a showdown. Not really. It is for my nephew Jerry's Baptism. I love going "home" to see my family. I really do. But it takes lots of effort. I am always amazed at (sorry guys who actually read my blog) a man's inability to multitask and not get caught up in distractions. This morning, the task at hand was getting out the door and on the road. This entails the exact same details and duties every.single.time. We have kinda fallen into our set "jobs" when getting ready to leave town.
Me: pack for myself, pack for Sully, pack for Turbo, and make sure I have my camera and anything else we need for that particular trip.
Hubs: pack for himself and make sure Lita has food, water and clean litter.

I had all my tasks done, had fed the boy, dressed him. But the hubs was still trying to decide what he was going to pack to wear for the next day. Sigh. After a short debate with me, he decided to pack both jeans and dress pants, because he still had not decided. Cool. He is packed. So all the bags are by the door and it appears like we are ready to leave. Oh no. He forgot about the cat. So he takes care of that then comes upstairs singing a song about an ortho and a gyno getting together and making an albino. Seriously? Yup seriously. Sigh. So I ask him if he has packed this and that and he looks down and says yes then slinks away to go gather the things I listed. Really? Doesn't perform the standard duties to get the show on the road but has time to make up a song about an ortho, gyno and albino? Sigh. Yes, life is back to normal.

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Susie said...

Yep...that's my son.