Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Funday

I am so lucky, I always get a Monday Funday after my Sunday Funday. 

This Monday started out with a 7 am grocery shopping trip.  It was not my proudest moment, but I will share with all of you to save you a possible embarrassing situation.  FYI they will not sell you alcohol before 8 am.  Not even boxed wine.  Yeah, I had no idea and I felt like saying, "I promise I won't start drinking any of it until well after 8 am."  But I refrained and just went on my way. 

Then, I saw this school bus in the ditch.

Then, Sully got to meet Harper!!  Remember Harper?

As you can see, she is doing FANTASTIC!!  They were so cute.  Sully did so good, no baby stomping or anything.  He layed there so nice and even offered up his thumb for Harper if she was interested.  It was very cute!

After Harper and her mama left and Sully woke from his nap, we tried out the sled.  Lets just say some one LOVED it!

And finally, I wanted to redo the pinterest inspired print I had made a little while ago.

Here is what it looked like the first time.

And here is the redo.

Much better.  I had to do it on Picnik.  You can find the instructions here.

It was a busy day!

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Kaiti said...

It was FUN! And Sully did great! Thanks for having us!